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What is L4-Bibliography2 (Bibl2)?

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Download link below:   Installing    last updated: April 16, 2015

Bibl2 allows you to add groups of your Logos/Verbum book covers + book information + hyperlink to your book into a Word docx file. Then you can copy this group of book covers/info into a Word docx file that you are using to create a Logos PB (Personal Book). Once you have built your Logos PB you can use it to quickly navigate to books in Logos. Below are images of a Word docx which were generated using the program. The program offers 2 methods for displaying cover/info in the docx's as shown below. Each method has several options to control the output.


Bibl2 also has a feature to glean all your Logos document file titles (i.e. Clipping, Notes, Passage List, etc). The program will copy your doc title along with a hyperlink to each document into a Word docx file. Once copied into a docx you can copy/paste this into your PB. The docs in the docx are sorted alphabetically. Once copied into your PB you quickly locate one of your Notes, Clippings, Passage List and open it inside of Logos.

Below is an example of a PB that I built using this tool. I use it to quickly navigate to my books or documents. I have a shortcut to this PB in my Logos shortcut bar.


  Program Requirements  
  1. You are running Windows Vista/Win7 (not tested yet on XP running Word 2007/2010)
  2. You have Logos4 version 4.3 or higher installed (works with L5/6 & V6)
  3. You have Microsoft Word installed (tested with Office 2010, does not work with Word 2003 per *Rob H.)

* Rob showed that Logos compile of the docx did not render the images (the error log showed that L4 rejected images due to the image's width property). This appears to be an L4 problem (Word properly formatted the image's width).
He had another issue with Links not being properly attached to link-text (this is an issue with my code not formatting per older Word embedded commands).

  Installing L4-Bibliography2  

    Logos-Bibliography2 Installation Zip (click on the link to download zipped Installation files)

  1. Download the above zip file
  2. Extract all files & folders from the zip file into a folder.
  3. To install L4-Bibliography2 double click on the extracted file Setup.exe

If you are updating a previous installation, you may need to use the Control Panel to uninstall the previous installation before you can install the new version (see instructions in this post on the forum, just follow the numbered steps.).


  Using safely with Logos  

Each time the program is started, it checks to see if it's copies of the 2 databases are up to date. If they are not then it checks to see if Logos is running. If Logos4 is running you will get a warning window. The program wants Logos4 closed when it makes copies of these 2 databases because copying the databases while Logos is reading/writing to them could cause Logos to crash.

Once the program is open and has updated it's databases, the program has no interference with Logos since it is using copies of the two Logos's databases.


  Documentation on the program  

Documentation on how to use the program is embedded into the program. You will notice a Help button under the viewing area (if you don't see the button, the program could not locate AdobeReader on your computer). When you click on the Help button the program will try to start AdobeReader having it open the Help PDF. You may need to look on your taskbar for AdobeReader if it has not come to the front of the visible windows. The PDF has a Table of Contents which contains hyperlinks within the PDF.



Please leave comments on what you think about the program on the Logos forum in this post.

Thank you for visiting this website!


  Updates to software  

Jan 24, 2012

Jan 25, 2012

  • Added program's version number to Title bar
  • Added formatting for headings (Bold) to Cover footnote description (Tight Table method)
  • Added some formatting to Descriptions: Quotes, Italics, better paragraph separation
  • In the Individual Table method, separated border into 2 selections. So you now can select outside or inside or both for your tables.

Jan 26, 2012 (ver:

  • Fixed major bug in startup per post (was trying to access L4-Bibl2's folder before it was created)

Jan 31, 2012 (ver:

  • Fixed bug where user's L4 install had different named Special folders per this post.

May 10, 2012

  • Some users may have had more than one special folder in their L4 installation which caused Bibl2 not to find the proper special folder. Made change for Bibl2 to read the registry to identify the special folder that L4 was using. If there still is a conflict with special folders, please post a message in the forum on this post.

Nov 10, 2012

  • Fixed problem with Bibl2 not working with Logos5. This so far has been tested on a single L5 user's machine. So if it doesn't work for you, please leave a post. Or drop me an email at: admin [at] bibl2.clark-tx.net

Nov 12, 2012

  • Fixed problem with Bibl2 where it was not making hyperlinks to books work when saving the produced docx directly and building PB with L4.
    So the major advantage now, is that you don't have to copy from the docx generated by Bibl2 to another docx via Cut/Paste. You can just save the docx generate by Bible to another docx by selecting Save As from the docx.
    This problem was brought to my attention in this post.

  • Fixed problem with Bibl2 where it generated many warning when building it into a PB in Logos4. I fixed it by manually forcing each table's Preferred width to a value relative to the size of each table.
    This problem was brought to my attention in this post.

  • Added a number of Tooltips in the Build window which showup when you hover your mouse over many of the checkboxes, etc.

April 16, 2015

  • Updated to work with Logos/Verbum 6. Also works with L4/5/6. Also will work on systems with multiple installs.

  • Added Change Catalog button when more than 1 install is detected in the current User's working folder.

  • You will probably need to use the Control Panel to uninstall the previous version before installing this version!
  Known Issues  
  • Copying more than 300 books to the list for building
    See this post for instructions on how to create a docx which contains more than 300 book covers.

  • Links not working in your PB
    See this post for instructions on how to copy from a Bibl2 docx to a working PB docx.
    This is fixed with release on Nov 12, 2012. (see Release notes above)

  • Lots of Warnings in your PB build
    See this post, close to the bottom of the post (below the row of equal signs ====) for instructions on changing the Table Properties, Preferred Width to have L4 not give you Warnings.
    This is fixed with release on Nov 12, 2012. (see Release notes above)

  • Not showing any book covers for user's with Logos5
    You need to install the newer version with a fix. It was updated on Nov 10, 2012. See Installing above to download and install the newer version with the fix. (see Release notes above)
  Last Updated: Apr 16, 2015